Bryan Ross

Margarita Time
PO Box 582474
Elk Grove, CA 95758
(916) 796-5651

Margarita Machine Rentals serving:
Elk Grove, Wilton, Galt, Lodi,
West Sacramento, Natomas, Citrus Heights, Walnut Grove, Herald, Acampo, Davis, Greenhaven, Arden, Downtown Sacramento, Pocket and surrounding areas.

*Some areas subject to a delivery fee, call for details.


Margarita Time Contact & FAQ

How many drinks does one mix make?
Depending on the mix, about 50  nine ounce drinks. 

How much do I need for my party? 

Guests Machines Mixes
0-50  1 Dual 2
50-100  1 Dual 3-5 
100-150  2 Dual 5-8 
150-200  2 Dual 10-12 
Over 200 Guests Please Call
How long does it take a machine to freeze drinks?  Approximately 1 1/2 hours for Non-alcoholic drink mixes, and about 2 hours with alcohol added on the dual sided machine.  The 3311 Grindmaster (Single machine) will freeze within 40-60 minutes.

What kind of frozen drink machines do you rent?  We offer Bunn Ultra II and Grindmaster.  Dual sided machine holding 3 gallons per side and should be indoors when the outside temperature is over 85 degrees.  Single Grindmaster can be outside in any temperature.

What is the rental period?  The rental period is 1 Day unless other terms are made at the time you sign the contract.

How much ice will I need? NO Ice!  All you do is add the mix & Water together and alcohol (if using) and the machine will do the rest.
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